Our projects and artists have been seen and heard at the Sundance Producers’ Conference Workshop, Sundance Film Festival, IFP Market, Asian American International Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, Angelika Theaters, Urban Stages, Shakespeare Theatre, The Public Theatre, Arena Stage, HEREArts Center, Lake Placid Film Forum, PBS syndicated television, Pan Asian Repertory, Abingdon Theatre, Bank Street Theater, The Wilma Theater, and the La Jolla Playhouse.  In Development and Production are projects from Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Burma, Senegal, and Cambodia.

Golden Phoenix Productions is a New York City based nonprofit organization that has been nurturing, supporting and producing underrepresented projects for film, theatre, television and new media since 2002.

Our vision is to provide a global voice and stimulate public awareness of diverse cultures and undocumented historical events. Our projects focus on themes that contribute to a better global understanding of social, health and human issues.

All contributions to Golden Phoenix Productions, Inc., a federally approved and registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, are tax-deductible in accordance to U.S. federal tax-exempt charitable organization guidelines.

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GPPI is also a majority partner in Untold Stories, LLC for all projects that involve investor financing. Please contact us if you would like more information on how to invest in any of our projects.
Jade Wu
Executive Director/Producer

Karen Tsen Lee
Management Consultant/Producer

Elizabeth J. Salen, Esq.
Board Member

Collegiate Education and Outreach Consultant
Ann Fajilan-Santangelo
Board Member

National Institutional and Academic Libraries Consultant
Maureen Harden
Board Member

International Rural Health and Medical Advisor
Babett Williger, MD

Global Energy and Environmental Advisor
Terry Tamminen

Energy and Environmental Advisor
Leslie Tamminen

With deep and endless gratitude, we give thanks to our loyal, generous pool of professional freelance directors, producers, actors, production crew, stage managers and industry consultants who make it all happen. 

Corrina Sager (US/International)
(Director, Producer)
Ann Fajilan-Santangelo (US)
(Theatre Director, Professor/CalState)
John Gould Rubin (US)
(Theatre Director, Actor, Producer)
Nurit Tilles (US/International)
(Concert Pianist, Musician)
Beth Greenberg (US/International)
(Director, Opera and Musical Theatre)
Adrian Schriel, Phd (Switzerland/US/Germany/Ireland/Netherlands)
(Theatre Director, Producer)
Panaiotis, Phd (US/International)
(Composer, Musicologist, Professor/Univ of New Mexico)
Thomas Gass (US, Europe)
(Recording Artist, Audio Producer)
Eden J. Shapiro (US)
Mark Pinter (US)
(Actor, Writer, Director)
Karen Tsen Lee (US)
(Actor, Producer)
Phil Lam (US/International)
Jade Wu (US, International)
(Writer, Director, Producer)


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We are honored to have Meryl Streep narrating NUMBER 228, one of our documentary films...check it out!